Poutine is one of the most loved dishes in the world, and cheese curds are what makes
Poutine authentic and delicious. Pure Dairy cheese curds are made from fresh pasteurised milk,
and they have the perfect texture and taste, making them ideal cheese for Poutine.


IQF (Instant Quick Frozen)
product, ensuring optimal
freshness and squeakiness.


High melting point to
retain the squeak and
chunkiness in Poutine.


High in calcium and protein,
zero sugar, carbs
and trans fat.


Delicious flavours to
turn chips and gravy into
the Canadian Poutine.


Pure Dairy cheese curds are the best cheese curds for Poutine that you can buy in Australia. Our cheese curds
are directly sourced from Wisconsin – the cheese curd hub. They are IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) which means a faster
freezing time. By using this technique, cheese curds do not clump together, and the flavours, texture and nutritional value
are preserved. Our fresh cheese curds do not have any nasty additives and preservatives. The natural shape, mild taste and
exciting squeak of Pure Dairy cheese curds enhance any Poutine.

Product Information

Cheese Curds For Poutine

Product Code


Unit Size

2kg Bag

Carton Size

6 x 2 kg

Shelf Life

210 Days


If you want to buy the essential ingredient for authentic Poutine, cheese curds, we offer you a convenient way to do so. Pure Dairy allows you to buy poutine cheese curds in bulk without any hassle or stress, all you have to do is contact us, and we will let you know if your wholesale distributors stock Pure Dairy cheese curds.

Our freezing and packaging enable the end-user to better control portion sizes and reduce waste even if they buy poutine cheese curds in bulk. Pure Dairy cheese curds have a shelf life of 7 months and can easily be refrigerated; hence you can buy cheese curds for Poutine in bulk without worrying about wastage.


Poutine cheese curds are made from fresh pasteurised milk, and they are made during the cheese-making process. When the milk is acidified and coagulated, it is cut and heated to separate liquids from solids which creates curds. Then the curds go through a cheddaring process in which the moisture is released, and cheese curds obtain their squeaky texture.
Cheese curds are very traditional for making Poutine, and they don’t melt completely when mixed with gravy leaving them chunky and perfect for Poutine. Cheese curds have the right texture and mild flavours to compliment fries and gravy.
Yes, other cheeses can be used to make Poutine; however, the authenticity of Poutine would be missing. Nothing can beat the taste of cheese curds in Poutine.
If you want to buy cheese curds in bulk, Pure Dairy sells IQF cheese curds in bulk, to food service distributors and venues across Australia. Get in contact if want to know more.