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Why are cheese curds on trend?

Warm, gooey, squeaky and sometimes crunchy. Cheese Curds are comforting, satisfying and great for sharing.
Cheese Curds are a rising star in the casualisation trend in food service. A flavourful cheese with little-cost addition that
makes for a unique and decadent menu offering.

Pure Dairy IQF Cheese Curds are growing in popularity. With the rise in demand for authentic regional dishes, Poutine is the ultimate Canadian comfort food, an inspired dish of fries with authentic cheese curds and a rich gravy, that takes the humble cheesy fries and elevates them to the next level, it has seen a surge in popularity with chefs using the curds as a canvas to create a masterpiece including Poutine topped with crispy pork belly or maybe tacos with chilli, curds and jalapenos cheese.

Although it is hard to imagine anything better than Poutine Cheese Curds offer so much more, Chefs are serving them battered with a selection of sauces, as a new and different pizza and burger topping, a delicious addition to any breakfast menu,
as well as an indulgent addition to any salad.


Our team of knowledgeable cheesemongers are rigorously trained in the art of cheese making, cheese grading and cheese maturation so you are guaranteed to receive the best possible product in the best possible condition.

We are committed to achieving and exceeding the needs of our consumers through superior customer service. Our customer service department matched with our technical support team will ensure you keep coming back.

Pure Dairy is dedicated to providing you with the finest quality cheese from around the world, whether that’s our Australian Mozzarella, Dutch Gouda, New Zealand Cheddar, Swiss Emmental or Greek Feta, our quality is always assured.